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oh the mighty atom.... [24 Mar 2011|08:59pm]
ok, there is plenty I don't like about Bethesda games,
but I just love the atmosphere of New Vegas, and the music is just great :P
(so all is great until you talk to somebody, for the dull dialogs spoil most of the charm, damn)

and a bonus :)

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Alpha Protocol [26 Jan 2011|11:39pm]
Alpha Protocol, 'Rogue agent on the run' espionage game :) just finished it :)
corrupted corporations and govement organisations, international conspiracies, terrorist groups and so on...
it received so many bad reviews but it deserves much much better, I loved it :)
there are flaws, true, it's unpolished, quite a few annoying bugs, poor enemy AI, graphics a bit outdated, but the great deep story, branched dialogs, interesting characters, and so many alternate paths your character can take, compensate more than enough for that to be a fun and engaging game, at least to me :) the biggest strength is the amazing illusion of choice, every decision made, or a dialog line picked, can dramatically change what's about to happen next :) and the consequences are not always obvious, A VERY GOOD and satisfying RPG :)

Try it!!!

trailer 1

trailer 2

trailer 3

dressed to kill fun video, or "clearly you know nothing about couture":

and my favourite character, Steven Heck:

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recap [20 Dec 2010|12:00am]
a little recap:

and in similar mood, im really upset with my dad ehmm,;P because he didnt want to take me to the PZMOT gala dinner (yes finnally he managed to get there hehe) with him. And today, when he was watching Malysz on tv, followed by a studio commentary with Tomasz Gollob as a special guest, then Dad remembered that Gollob was at the gala meeting too (of course), what a shame! what a pity, come on Daddy! heh Daddy's lucky...
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oh well, some nice driving skills... :) [15 Dec 2010|11:43am]
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deus ex human revolution, another bit [04 Sep 2010|01:25am]

looks good, doesn't it?? :)
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[05 Aug 2010|12:02am]
im gettign more and more stressed about this driving thing, I feel it will take ages, Im not so paralysed anymore when driving, but there is so many things I forget about or do wrong, bleh bleh... well ok, I'm still stressed like hell...

but I bacame sentimental too, I looked a lot on youtube for the old motor races I watched and was so addicted to as a kid :) with Ayrton Senna of course as my greatest hero, he remains to be one, the best driver ever... so pissed and sad even now, when I think of his unfair and untimely death... and I think myslef unlucky for buying a broken tv? no, I'm not unlucky, it's really nothing....

so, here I found something fun to watch, Senna driving a Honda sport model NSX
the camera shows both the stearing wheel and the footwork, it's like dancing!!!!!!

and there is also a brand new BBC tribute to Senna for his 50th birthday

and part 2

I didn't know Lewis Hamilton is such a funny guy, he gets crazy like a little boy at the opportunity of driving Senna's MP44 McLaren, a more powerful and faster car than anything we have in F1 today :P

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the end [30 Mar 2010|09:37pm]
big day tomorrow

leaving Paris tomorrow morning (wednesday), estimated arrival time in Gdynia: thursday evening....

oh gosh :(((((
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Deus Ex 3 [12 Mar 2010|11:32pm]
Deus Ex Human Revolution, here it comes! :)

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music themes from games [11 Mar 2010|09:09pm]
OK, today was a totally unproductive and useless day, I feel awful about it :( I could have at least read a book, or something.... but anyways, I felt somehow stressed today and couldn't put my thoughts into anything usefull...
but as my thinking already headed in a direction of PC games, I made this useless list below, somehow the games I consider my top favourite also contain really wonderful music tracks, here is a little summary :)
next time I want to hear some of it, I just open this entry hehehe!

some great soundtracks from video games (excluding real songs)

American McGee's Alice main theme

the rest behind the cutCollapse )
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Mordin singing [11 Mar 2010|03:33pm]
OK, last one of the nonsense....

unravel a puzzle?

bar [11 Mar 2010|02:26pm]
Ok, some more stupid scenes :)
Don't mess up with My Shepard!!!

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Finished Mass Effect 2 [10 Mar 2010|12:59am]
well, the plot was terrible, no? but maybe I'm just spoiled after having finished both Deus Ex games? You cannot beat that :)
But where the heck is my inventory????
the art was good, but it's a bit annoying that I cannnt just grab and interact with things around....
well, some nice new and old characters...

and I like my Jane3 Shepard hehe :)
here, having troubles holding her liqour :P

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old good game :) [03 Feb 2010|08:40pm]
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


trailer 2

and my favourite character

some theme music too

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Thursday [17 Dec 2009|01:09am]
hello hello,
back at home, finally.
i ust managed to get my computer online, sorry, I couln't get up to date with all the posts yet... :(

but what about tomorrow, I mean thursday? when how do we meet?
I wrote to Asia,
its 20.30 in Gemini?
let me know!
I ll be there :)

now off to bed, im having a blood test tomorrw early morning, I hate that so much!!!! grrrrr

c u!!!
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Help needed [06 Dec 2009|09:42pm]
OK, is anyone willing to invite me for a nice New Year party? :-P

the things are getting slightly more complicated as my German friend Steffi, whom I worked with in Paris, will be visiting me here for New Year (from the 30th till the 4th), she speaks English, German and French but of course she doesn't speak Polish......

Still, we would like to go out, drink and have fun :)

any ideas please??? :)))))

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will my poor PC manage the new one too? [06 Dec 2009|07:15pm]

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Texas Couscous [04 Dec 2009|10:47pm]
Went to the Texas Couscous concert yesterday in a pub in Paris, that was so much fun! loved them...
Julie, a girl from the institute (my ex institute ehmm) is a member but it was the first time I went to see them live, shame on me,
but they are playing again next week :)

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pieces all gone [01 Dec 2009|03:51pm]

Some funny scenes.......
if you like Ed, here is a long fragment of one of my favourite episodes, Samba Mushroom :)
Remeber that the Bebop crew was always short of fluel, money and food, hence always hungry hihi
till 6.05.

Lobster, Don't leave things in the frigde!
I prefere the American voice actors,
they added a lot to this serial, but could find this scene only in Japanese...

Cigarette, same comment as above

Some good songs from the series, by Yoko Kanno:

Real Folk Blues (credits)

Green Bird

Call me, call me
(no, it's not the last episode)

Rain (this video is fan made)

Gotta knock a little harder
the ending song from the movie, the video from the serial

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see you space cowboy [01 Dec 2009|02:29pm]
cowboy bebop, that's the best show I've ever watched, seriously,
hard to believe it's already over 10 years old and I only learnt about it now hmmmm

the opening


very good promo collection in high quality, including one liner promo, "whatever happens, happens" :)

and finally, the movie trailer

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another day [30 Nov 2009|11:25pm]
I've got a ticket home, 15th of December, tilllll? who knows?
I bought it only one way :)
If I get an interview request I will fly back, but so far it doesn't look very optimistic :(

what esle? I went to the wine exhibition last saturday, that was fun :) 3 hours of tasting/drinking great wines and pretending not to be drunk :P

ok, I go to bed now, I planned to get up super early tomorrow and take some photos hehe, at least that's better than staying at home all day long :P

see you!
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down down the riverside........ [11 Nov 2009|09:37pm]
ok, what i think i have now is - depression....
yes, it sounds stupid, doesnt it?
but i feel completely empty, before the defence all my thoughs were focused on getting there, having it over, done, finished!
but then it was finished, and one day later I got ill, and somehow I am still ill even after 2,5 weeks....
i think i have no motivation to get better :( i have no more goals, no plans and I have no idea what to do next :(((((( I'm afraid of making some mistake, for the moment I'm fighting for the unemployment money and watching serials on dvds.... Northen Exposure, Firefly, Cowboy Bebop........ all of them great...
but times passes by and i still dont know what I want or what to do ..... and i'm still tired...

can somebody give me a big hug please???????
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Happy Birthday [09 Nov 2009|04:44pm]

Happy Birthday Lukasz!
Hope you have most wonderful, cheerful and fun day :)
Enjoy :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

big hugs!!!!
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the big day is getting near aghhhhhrhrhrhrhrr [05 Oct 2009|11:44pm]
the day of horror is coming closer and closer, I'm getting really scared :(

October 23rd...
and my presentation is not even ready, far from that, and I feel I remember nothing from what I wrote...

please help me...
and what do I do next?

I have no idea yet when I'll be in Poland next, for sure for Xmas, maybe something sooner after the defence day.........

oh, i want to hide in a deep hole and never come up!!!

anyone planning something nice for the new year???? :)
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black hole [28 Feb 2009|12:00pm]
ill try to write a little update here, but then again im so stressed these past weeks i cant really think of putting any thoughts here....
im really worried about what will happen to me next, in a few months from now, and where I want to be, what I want to do and then how to achieve that... this kind of stress is not very stimulating for me, its more like blocking me, so I just want to sit in a corner and do nothing :(

OK< so my fellowship ends this August, I need to write up the manuscript at least six weeks before the defence...... which means I have very very little time, and still experiments to do... to make things worse my boss got pissed at me for unknown reason and is not speaking to me for the moemnt....
ok, then the idea of writing this thing up is simply scary grrr why the hell did I decide to do a PhD? what a ridiculous idea was that :(
but I guess things always look so bleak at the end... so lets hope i will survive these last steps as well....

as for other plans, I'm going for a one week workshops in Portugal, NOW, I have to catch the train to the airport in one hour, ehmmm, it is somewhere near Lisboa, but chances are I wont even see that city, as the timetable is pretty heavy this time, we sart the training tomorow on Sunday and continue till Saturday, what a nightmare grrrr :(
so im back on the 8h of March....

and I will come back home in Poland for one week during Easter, 10th till 19th,
does anybody want to see me then??? :)))

so ok, i need to get ready, but I dont feel liek going, as I said I dont feel like doing anything :( Im just incrediby stressed every single day and it doesnt feel nice... :(

OK see you!
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Happy Birthday [09 Nov 2008|11:23pm]
Wow, another year passed, so:
Happy Birthday Lukasz!!!!!!
All the best and warmest wishes!! Just good moments and plenty of colourful thoughts in your head!!!
Hope all is turning well for you :)

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Shetland [06 Aug 2008|01:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

wow, life's being hectic lately hehe
Sorry for no updates... :(

so just a few words to say that the trip to Shetland was absolutely fantastic!!! Even the weather was just fine!
it's beautiful and wild there, people are ultra friendly, and there are plenty of strange animals and different creatures living there :) like Puffins, wild ponnies and seals :)))
justa pity we didnt see any whales..... but these are not so easy to spot I guess...

So Ok, of course I took thousands (literally) of photographs... Unfortunately most of them are crap :(
but I put some on-line anyways (first 2 galleries from the top):

Now I'm in Holland, attending Scientific Writing workshops.... and then I'm off to Morocco wehhhehe :) (I hope I don't boil-dead over there)

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quick update [20 Jun 2008|11:38pm]
hello hello,
i know im lazy and awful etc :P
anyways, just wanted to say that I am visiting my parents in July, so I'll be in 3-city from the 4th to 14th of July,
hopefuly some of you will be there at that time, so we can meet and chat :)
Lukasz - i hope I didn't comletely overlap with your holidays!!! :(
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back to Paris [08 May 2008|09:35pm]
Ok, so Im back, but Ive already started to miss Scotland all over again, ehmmmmmmmmm

it ws a wonderful week, OK I know that here we have now like 25 degrees or more and sunny days and in Glasgow only rain, clouds and max 16 degrees, but so what? it's so beautiful there, so fresh, and people are way more friendly (not to mention that I can actually understand what they say hehe which is not the case here buu) plus their amazing gardens, the breathtaking nature, and cosy pubs.....
and the Guinness :)))

So yes, the lab work turned out fine, so I'm very happy, after the lab we were going out to pubs or cinema or whatever basically every evening, which is possible there as everything is so close! (here in Gif there is nothing and going to Paris is too much effort, ok? hehehe nobody does it anyways)
and on the WE I went on a trip into the Highlands with Bo, it was absolutely beautiful.... it wasnt even raining hehe, we went to Loch Awe, the longest lake in Scotland :)

I got some pics online at fotopic, if anybody wants to see them....

and the "people shots" here:

I also put some pics from Parc de Thoiry, its the safari and zoo near Versailles, I went there a week ago with friends from the institute....

Oh, and somebody in Glasgow told me a terrible thing! that I'm begining to develope a slight French accent in my English! oh no, how can it be if I dont even speak French at all? I hope it was only a bad joke!!!!!


ok, see you later, :)
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my pool lonely journal [20 Apr 2008|10:36pm]
oh gosh, i know i know, this journal is so dead, and I promised to make up for it, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I will I will

But tomorrow there is my annual Thesis Committe Meeting and they will judge the progress I've made........or haven't made... during my PhD....
I'm so stressed and completely unprepered, at least I feel this way.....

can I write here on Monday? :)

oh, just some news here: I am revisiting Glasgow next Sunday :) for one week till Monday the 5th of May :) My boss is sending me to my former lab there to do some work hehehe

ok, I go, need to repeat my talk again... and again......
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all best wishes!!!!!! [09 Nov 2007|09:08pm]
Lots of candles burning, and all the wishes coming true
Just enjoy this day having lots of fun and forgettig all the troubles!!!
Biggest Hugs :))

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